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Audience Identification, Segmentation & Customer Understanding

Our unique approach to identifying, segmenting and targeting audiences goes beyond traditional geographic and demographic metrics and leverages the personality, psychographics, lifestyle habits, workstyle and media behavior of individuals.  Through interesting questions respondents enjoy thinking about, we gain a deep understanding of our population, how they think, why they think that way, and what motivates them. 


Since the marketplace is comprised of many different types of people, the results are never one size fits all.  Depicting target consumers will enable brands to further penetrate the market, increase understanding within an organization of its target populations, and grow its base.  Leveraging advanced methods that include Factor Analysis (which identifies the most important inputs and finds relationships between them) and Cluster Analysis (a profile based technique that clusters respondents based on their answer choices),  segmentation schemes reveal the number of segments in the target population and the specific “profile” of each segment.   


Determining the priority customer segments and gaining a perspective into the mindset, needs and habits of target segments is paramount to the overall success of a brand.  AmyLev Strategies research results in a holistic picture of the marketplace, with segments and tools to profile and prioritize groups for targeting and marketing purposes. 

AmyLev Strategies research results in a holistic picture of the marketplace, with audience specific strategies to enhance targeting and marketing efforts.

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