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Brand Reputation Management & Tracking

Brand Reputation Management

Brand reputation management is critical to growing and maintaining a healthy business. Positive brand reputation builds loyalty and ultimately drives sales and bottom-line growth, while reputational blows detract from business goals and diminish brand value.  AmyLev Strategies craft insightful and elegant Brand Reputation surveys that take into account both rational and emotional benefits and analyze strengths to leverage and gaps to close on each, to drive the overall reputation of a brand or product with target audiences. 



While tracking studies are traditionally diagnostic in nature, revealing where a brand is on a series of measures, AmyLev Strategies goes beyond the diagnostic to incorporate prescriptive  guidance and uncover how to get to where you want to be.  Tracking is dynamic, enabling you to respond to issues, competitive moves, or news as they arise, and keeps your finger on the pulse of core brand health, enabling the ability to course correct as needed. 

Communications & Advertising Insights

In a cluttered marketplace where every interaction sends a message about your brand, it is critical to ensure the most effective creative concept is developed, before exposing it to the public.  Testing to verify paid, digital and earned communications strike the right tone and leverage the most salient proof points, across audiences and markets, is core to success.  AmyLev Strategies quickly and effectively evaluates communications at every stage of development and in every format, to determine how well they positively impact attitudes and intended behavior toward a brand, ability to drive key brand attributes, beat the competition, and learn what improvements would enhance communications or advertisements.

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