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Crisis Management

With decades of experience providing research based recommendations that help brands elegantly respond to a crisis, AmyLev Strategies has a customizable Crisis Management tool that can be deployed rapidly.  By ascertaining awareness of a situation, potential impact on reputation, and what can be said or done in the short term to halt the flow of any damaging content, AmyLev Strategies will arm you with effective tools to assess any situation and respond carefully.  We measure time in days, not weeks, and help brands mitigate damage by understanding what target audiences need to hear, and how to communicate to them in this sensitive time.

Issues & Advocacy Strategy

Developing effective tools to maneuver the sensitive advocacy environment requires detailed knowledge of diverse topics, political, legal and economic systems. Having timely intelligence, trusted advice and effective advocacy can provide a decisive competitive edge for businesses and brands.  AmyLev Strategies is well equipped to design, administer and analyze issue and advocacy studies to determine how to shift the landscape in your favor, level the playing field and move the needle with target audiences.  Our data driven suggestions clear a path for business opportunities, keep profile high and ensure your brand has a seat at the table where decisions are made.

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